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A New Chapter

I am Funmi Anu Bankole.

There is always a refreshing curiosity that wants to be satisfied each time you flip through the pages of a book, particularly when the next page is a new chapter. For lovers of fiction or nonfiction, the next chapter always holds the clarity, doubts and suspense of what has been written about.

It is so constructive to recognise that your ignoble traits are what best define you as a person. Truthfully, your past is nothing to write about. In fact, if there was a scale to match up your past action with your current life, there would be a lot to be done in reparation.

The same goes for Peter, whose story is told in my book ‘The Boss’. His life was a heap of wrong choices all the way. He saw no need to watch his loose ways—even with his children—and this later metamorphosed into instilling the attraction of a dubious lifestyle in his children. The children grew up being attracted to their father’s rash approach to life and this easily led them astray from what their mother had envisaged for them.

Despite all the bad experiences that Paul the Apostle had, he still saw the need to turn to a new chapter. He saw the need to change his ways and right his wrongs. It is from this decision that his wrongs began to rewrite themselves and he became the phenomenal personality he remains to this day. In no time, grace and blissfulness entered into his life and all that seemed lost was restored. Likewise, you need to turn to a new chapter and walk past your regrets . There is always more in the new chapter of your life.

When you activate your mind to reason positively, your heart will produce positive results.

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