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Dubbed the “literary queen of domestic fiction”, author Funmi Anu Bankole writes emotive family dramas with an uplifting pious message.

Author Funmi Anu Bankole
Author Funmi Anu Bankole
A good story should entertain and educate, inspiring the reader to effect a needed life change or re-evaluate negative beliefs.
Funmi Anu Bankole

Bestselling Author

The life of bestselling author Funmi Anu Bankole has been, at times, as harrowing and challenging as the domestic dramas she writes.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Funmi’s early years were marked by financial hardship, with her having to work as a street seller from just nine years old to help her struggling parents make ends meet. Hoping for a better life to come, she invested in her own education and remained positive. The robust work ethic she instilled during her formative years has remained with her ever since. 

Relocating to the UK in the early 90’s, she entered the healthcare sector while also establishing herself as an entrepreneur, working 16-hour days and using every penny at her disposal to slowly build a rental property portfolio. This, however, proved not to be the fast-track to financial security she’d first imagined, with the uncertainties and fluctuations of the market presenting many difficulties, and many sleepless nights. Still, with perseverance and an unwavering belief in God’s grace, she overcame these obstacles to provide a good standard of living for her family.

It was during the Covid pandemic of 2020 that Funmi, who had a lifelong passion for writing, decided to become an author. Originally advised by a close friend to turn to writing because her life story would “make for a great book”, she called upon her creative talents to now provide ministry through literature. Drawing upon her own poignant life experiences as well as those of others, she applied herself to her craft, producing compelling, emotive works of domestic fiction that not only entertain but also educate, helping readers navigate across life’s obstacles.

Today, she divides her time between her healthcare career, duties as a landlady, and writing, while also studying for a degree in theology. 

Her dearest wish is for her books, and the trials that her protagonists must face, to inform and inspire her many readers around the world to succeed.

“Funmi’s stories hit the heartstrings with an archer’s precision….”

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Funmi Anu Bankole
Author, Christian and Singer Funmi Anu Bankole.
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