Born To Reign - Funmi Anu Bankole

Born To Reign

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Born To Reign by Funmi Anu Bankole is an engaging and aspirational tale of one young woman’s hopes to escape village life and fulfil her dreams and ambitions.


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Growing up in the village of Bologna, where only the boys from privileged homes have access to education, Nomith’s dream was to receive a schooling and live in the city. Her parents, however, did not have the means to send her to the school in faraway Katunga, but agreed that she could attend Sunday school in their village. Nomith ends up not fulfilling her dreams but hopes to relive them through her daughter, Bathsheba.

Bathsheba is, like her mother, a precocious child but the poverty of her family constrains her ambitions. The tragedy multiplies when a flicker of light for Nomith and her daughter is extinguished along the way. The mysterious hand of fate, however, leads Bathsheba to an encounter with an unlikely visitor, and the possibility of realising her long-held hopes. But with many obstacles in her path, will Bathsheba ever achieve her dreams or end up failing like her mother? 

Born To Reign by Funmi Anu Bankole explores the potency of hope, the creative power of hard work and the role of a higher power in orchestrating human life to meet its greatest call: purpose. 

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7 reviews for Born To Reign

  1. Brian

    I am familiar with most ideas suggested as they seemed like common sense but the book didn’t fail in providing extra perspective of life and affluence.

  2. Scott

    This book is extremely informative. I’ll give a 5.

  3. Lucas

    Persistence is the key to creative miracle. Dream it, work it and have it. Thanks for this piece.

  4. Melissa

    This is a masterpiece indeed. Nice write up!

  5. Jasmine

    This book had me on edge from the beginning till end. Still surprises me though. Good job.

  6. Richie

    There is only one word for this book – ENTHRALLING

  7. Alice

    Very enlightening and educative story. 👍

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