The Boss

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The Boss by Funmi Anu Bankole is a gripping, action-packed story of inter-family conflict fuelled by greed and ruthless ambition.


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When proud matriarch Belinda lost her husband, she had been left to fend for her four children alone. She did her best to raise them to become caring, respectful and successful adults but, alas, the lure of crime—and the attraction of easy wealth—led to her two eldest sons to stray far from the path of righteousness. 

They are now pitted against each other in a vicious battle for supremacy, both seeking to become ‘The Boss’, just like their criminal father. This unnatural fight between brothers threatens to tear the family apart and will bring multiple tragedies upon them all before the dust settles. 

Both thoughtful and fast-paced, The Boss by Funmi Anu Bankole tells the story of a struggling family’s disintegration and the wider impact that making the wrong choices in life can have on individuals, their loved ones and society at large. 

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6 reviews for The Boss

  1. Evelyn

    Greed will always lead to a disasterous end. God help our families.

  2. Chris

    An interesting and exciting read. Fiction couldn’t have been better!😊

  3. Steven

    I love suspense and this book has the right dose of suspense I need. Very nice.

  4. Peter

    Lots of lessons to learn from this story. Keep it up!

  5. Elvis

    Interesting story. I believe the author has more brilliance to unleash.

  6. Tracy

    This is very creative. Got a clear picture of the events like in the movies!

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