The Prodigal Daughter

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The Prodigal Daughter by Funmi Anu Bankole is a tense, page-turning modern-day parable about losing, and rediscovering, your path in life.


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Princess Beetlova Anne Marie William-Williamson, or ‘Betsy’ for short, is the apple in the eye of her devoted father, Prince Logan William-Williamson, and the heir to the family’s vast fortunes. She will receive her inheritance upon her 18th birthday and is expected to take her rightful place in helping manage the William-Williamson business empire. These plans, however, go awry when she falls madly in love with an older man, Mich, and insists on exploring life on her own terms. Despite her family’s protestations, Betsy moves in with Mich and readily supports him financially as he bids to get his own business off the ground. 

Yet, there is more to Mich than she is aware of. Where, exactly, does he go on his numerous business trips, why are strangers turning up at their house to discuss business deals in secret, and who is the mysterious Peterosi? Determined to get to the bottom of things, Betsy will uncover the shocking truth but find that her troubles are only just beginning.

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14 reviews for The Prodigal Daughter

  1. Kelvin

    This is an awesome book. I’ll give it a 5 star 🌟 and also recommend it any buyer because it’s very educative.

  2. Benna

    The title of this book “The prodigal daughter” caught my attention. It’s truly worth reading.

  3. Kelvin N.

    What a lovely book to read! I’ll recommend it to any reader.

  4. Kelvin, N. Texas

    I will read this book over and over again. This is a good book. I’ll recommend it to any reader.

  5. Oliver

    Nice story line, educative.
    Oliver, H. U K

  6. Ashley, Ohio

    Never knew there was a prodigal daughter, lol… only heard of prodigal son. Kudos 👍

  7. Walter

    At least you have pushed me in the right direction, thanks to the authors of this books.

  8. Natalie

    Great book! If every woman read this book, the world would be a better place.

  9. A Williams

    This book is value for money, I bought this book few days ago and I just couldn’t hold back from reading it.

  10. Charles

    The author just has a way of blending the characters and events to create a mind-blowing picture. Nice work!

  11. Jasper

    One of the best fiction books I’ve read so far. Hope to see more interesting stuff.

  12. Eva

    I’d recommend this book to every fiction book ✌️. Nice!

  13. Eva

    I’d recommend this book to every fiction book lover✌️. Nice!

  14. Andrew

    This book contains good moral lessons. I like it.

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