Turning Point - Funmi Anu Bankole

Turning Point

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Turning Point by Funmi Anu Bankole is an affective, semi-autobiographical novella with an important moral lesson to share. 


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Henna ventured into the property business and lost it all—her money, her cherished family, and her pride. In her day job she provides therapeutic counselling to others but, secretly, she is on the verge of a breakdown. Abandoned by her children and shunned by her neighbours, Henna can’t see a way out of the crippling debts and emotional distress she has become trapped within. 

That is, until she one day encounters a stranger while walking in the park. Striking up a conversation, Henna comes to learn that failure is never a yardstick to giving up but, instead, a gearing force to empower future success. Sooner or later, despite the bitter experiences we encounter, we all come to a turning point in our lives. How we respond to that determines whether we remain stuck or smash through the obstacles in our way to happiness. 

Turning Point by Funmi Anu Bankole draws upon the author’s own painful experiences to provide readers with, perhaps, the most important life lesson of them all: perseverance. 

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9 reviews for Turning Point

  1. Ken

    At this point of my life when I seriously needed a positive change, this book has given me many insights on how to get that done.

  2. Oliver, H. UK

    Beautiful, this is an eye opener. Thanks.

  3. Anna W


  4. Benjamin

    What a great book to start the new year!

  5. Nicole, Florida

    So glad I bought a copy. Please how do I get the hard copy?

  6. Jerry

    Great work!!!

  7. Jason

    Being a bad critic, I am short word after reading this book. I almost feel like repenting. I will say something that I’ve never said or written to any author before – THANK YOU!

  8. Mike

    I feel like the writer is talking about me. Very refreshing story I must say.

  9. Phil

    The love I’ve got for the author just for writing this is biggggg.

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