Who Is God? - Funmi Anu Bankole

Who Is God?

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Non-fiction title Who Is God? by Funmi Anu Bankole is part spiritual memoir and part biblical guide to welcoming God into your life.


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Who Is God? is a lifetime answer of a former child street hawker who, through many unpleasant experiences growing up, discovered that knowing God is the key to being successful. 

Author Funmi Anu Bankole speaks candidly about the struggles and challenges we all encounter in sticking to God and knowing Him for who He truly is. With theological incisiveness, it challenges the conception of God as something that can only be understood theoretically by exploring how He and His teachings apply to all aspects of our everyday lives. Packed with biblical references and exegesis, It details the nature and personality of our maker, and the wonderful consequence of letting Him into our lives. 

Get ready for a remarkable, enlightening and personal journey towards answering the biggest question of them all: who is God? 

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7 reviews for Who Is God?

  1. Benna E, Ontario

    Awesome book! Loaded with spiritual understanding of whom God is. Most times Christians tends to forget their authority in Christ during crisis. Thanks for this piece.

  2. Kenneth C, New York

    This book greatly transformed my life. God bless the author.

  3. Harry

    Glory to God. He always reveals himself to those who don’t believe in Him.

  4. Daniel

    Quite inspiring. I’ll surely keep an aye for more books from the author.

  5. Robin

    Never read a book filled with morals and inspirations. It’s an eye opener to God’s awesomeness.

  6. Sean

    Wonderful book I must say. Only a multi talented writer can conjure such magic in literal terms.

  7. Pascal

    Wow! This is one of the most captivating literal work about God.

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