Women In Waiting

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Women In Waiting by Funmi Anu Bankole is a moving account of a couple’s desperate struggle to be blessed with a baby.


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It’s been 10 years since Daly and Lara Smith tied the knot. In all that time, however, they have not been blessed with a child—their most cherished wish. Lara has suffered multiple miscarriages and the disappointment of failed IVF treatments, has had her application for adoption cruelly rejected, and has had to endure the insults of her insensitive in-laws. 

Now approaching her 40th birthday, the agony of being a perpetual woman in waiting is all becoming too much, threatening to derail her marriage, career, and future happiness. A chance encounter with another woman, however, may hold the key to finding the one thing that has eluded her all these years. With God’s grace, will Lara and Daly see their dream of having a baby come true at last?  

Women In Waiting by Funmi Anu Bankole is a moving story that underlines the virtues of patience and belief in the face of adversity. 

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8 reviews for Women In Waiting

  1. Kelben

    The author of this book is really a prolific writer… kudos! 👍. This book made my day.

  2. Jessica

    Nice one!
    Quite a touchy story.

  3. Betty

    Rarely have I found a book that so clearly expresses my own thoughts on a subject. Amazing book!

  4. Ella

    Wow! Nice book.

  5. Kimberly

    A very captivating storyline. Well defined characters. Really got me on the edge. Bravo!

  6. Sharon

    Couldn’t stop reading till the very end. Very intriguing and emotional too 👍

  7. Cindy

    This is one of the best fiction stories I’ve read in a while. Very educative too!

  8. Tim

    Very emotional and entertaining. Bravo!

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