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The Transformational Light of God

The Transformational Light of God

Life never had it easy on me. The drills were unnerving and, at some point, the world became too heavy to bear.

But coming into contact with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, made the absolute difference. I came to love and appreciate who I was and the battles I had to face. My faith paved a better way to responding to life. I loved God and humanity without any hassle. 

I daily feed on the scriptures and spend even more time communicating with Him through prayers, songs, and gestures. I did not pray just to keep myself and my family saved; God taught me to pray for others. 

Over the years, I have experienced a continuous depth of God transmitting a burden to me to evangelise to the unreached. It does not matter what percentage these groups command in the scope of things; all I know is that my faith in God devotedly levels up the responsibility on me to speak to them.

These groups, who are young, daring, family oriented, entrepreneurial, in desperate need for answers to God and more—they are the ones He called me to. 

My Christian faith is also an empowering tool for shaping the next generation. It walks me far away from religion and places me at the core of living a life of impart in no limited fashion.

I remain blessed by the scriptures, sermons, songs, teaching, studies, and more that have built me into who I am.

Through my books, and this blog, I will perform this solemn duty in His name, and with the hope to bring the Light of God and His blessings into the lives of everyone.

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