We all have it

We All Have It

We all have the fortitude to be strong and weak at the same time. Our vulnerabilities come alive in the fact that we are not ordinarily stronger than our fears or the challenges that confront us in one stage or the other in life.

Rather, what spurs us to remain resolute is our deliberateness to remain true to our convictions; an extra charge that ignites our will to push on. It is this conviction that births what we call ‘hope’ – a sustained belief that what we seek can, and will be, secured if only we can press further in desiring it as well as working towards it.

The subject of hope spreads through every part of our lives and how we respond to it is what makes the difference. When we are positive with our hope, there is certainly no limitation to what can be achieved. On the other hand, when our hope stems from negative thoughts, we become limited. A typical example of the effect of hope is what we see in the world today, particularly with developing countries.

China is good example to learn from. After years of slavery and revamped identity, the idea of hope in the culture and identity of her citizens has pushed this nation into the centre stage of the world powers. She is able to desire a better China as well as work towards it.

It’s not enough to believe in something. It is also important that the motif behind the sustained belief is checkmated. Be it strong or weak, what lies ahead is farther than the thought of just believing that things will work out fine.

There has to be some deliberateness to how these desires lead to the bigger picture.

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  1. Rafaelle De Luz

    Beautiful true powerful reflective story of strong faith never ending trust and building a meaningful connection with the Holy Spirit.

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